Below are frequently asked questions you may have regarding the building of your new home. We want to answer any questions you have throughout the home building process. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us so we can better assist you.

What are the steps in building a MHG home?
To learn more about the construction of your MHG home, explore the steps in Our Process within the Homeowners Resource Center.

Will I be able to visit my home while it is under construction?
Yes. We realize that this is an exciting time for you, and we want you to be fully integrated into the process. Due to potential hazards during the construction process, we ask that you schedule a site visit with your MHG professional who can walk you through your home and answer any questions regarding the process. Remember, there will be a number of people working at the site at any given time throughout the day, and we ask that you use good judgment when visiting your new home. If you decide to make changes to the construction plan based on this walk through, please let someone from MHG know. Subcontractors and suppliers have been instructed that any changes must be approved by an MHG representative, prior to those changes being made. It is requested that children not be brought on the construction site due to the potentially dangerous conditions.

When will I select design and finishing options for my home?
It depends on the stage of your home at the time of contract. If you purchase a pre-sale home, you will have the opportunity to meet with our MHG professionals and design consultants and make your selections. You’ll be able to make selections related to many of your interior and exterior finishes. If you purchase a home that is already under construction, your MHG professional will discuss with you the design options that still may be selected.

What is a draw schedule for my custom home?
The draw schedule is essentially a schedule of payments made to MHG by the homeowner for construction of your custom home. We have internally developed selection templates which outline what decisions are required at each construction stage. Our selection templates are customized to your home and include a budgeted allowance for each item. Working in concert with your selection template is a detailed draw schedule that outlines the amount of progress billings on a contract that is currently available to a contractor under a contract with a fixed payment schedule.

What happens during my new homeowner orientation walk through?
A couple of weeks before closing on your home, you and a MHG professional will tour your new home. During this time, we will make a final list of items that need to be corrected prior to closing. We also will discuss the various features of your new home, the mechanical systems, and share important home maintenance information.

What happens during my Final Homeowner Review?
A couple of days prior to closing on your home, you and a MHG professional will re-walk your home to review and sign off on the items that were identified and corrected from your new homeowner orientation walk. Due to the deadlines related to closings, there may be some items from your walk through list that will need to be completed after closing. We will correct any outstanding items as soon as possible after closing.

What should I bring to the closing on my new MHG home?
Closing (or settlement) is the process that transfers ownership of a property from seller to purchaser. During closing, the purchase and sale of your new home is finalized and the title for your new home is transferred to your name. Your sales agent will be there to guide you through the process and we will be there to assist.

Please make sure you bring the following to your closing appointment:   

  • Your completed purchase agreement
  • Current contact information
  • Valid photo ID for each borrower, including any loan co-signers which are required by the closing attorney
  • Certified funds for closing costs
  • All listed borrowers on the loan must be present.

At closing, you will receive the following:  

  • Copy of signed closing documents
  • New homeowner binder containing all of your product literature and extended warranties
  • Your home’s Energy Star Certificate

When can I start moving into my new home?
After your closing and as soon as all the paper work is signed, you can start moving into your new home.  No personal items may be placed in the home prior to closing and no work may be done on the home by persons not employed by MHG prior to closing.

What is MHG’s privacy policy?
MHG respects your right to privacy. We will never sell or disclose your personal information to any third parties for commercial use. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

For the answers to other questions or for additional information, please contact us directly any time.