Quality Control

Quality control in construction is a major focus of MHG. By providing a quality product we are ensuring that we meet or exceed the expectations of today’s home buyers.

Quality is a term that is frequently used throughout the homebuilding industry and most homebuilders say they focus on quality. How do you know if you are buying a quality home and what does quality mean to MHG?  The dictionary defines quality as a degree of excellence, a distinguishing attribute, superiority in kind, an acquired skill. Quality to MHG means building homes that consistently meet our customer’s needs for function, sustainability, and longevity. MHG uses checklists at every stage of construction to ensure a uniform construction process. And the last part of our construction process is a Quality Control Inspection by our Project Manager. Every home must pass that inspection before closing and before the home is ready to present to our customers.

Price does not determine quality. Attention to details determines quality. Whether you buy a home for $200,000 or $2,000,000, the features of the home will be different, but the quality of construction will be the same. We at MHG can match quality products with each individual customer’s construction budget, ensuring an affordable and lasting home that fits our buyer’s needs.