New Home Construction

Our company is grounded on the principles of integrity and hard work, coupled with a solid foundation of experience and knowledge. We believe that we do more than just build homes — we build relationships and memorable homebuilding experiences. We understand that your new home represents a new chapter in your life. Buying a home is not just a purchase but an experience. As you work with us, we want that experience to be exciting and memorable.

Our Promise to You is QUALITY — at MHG we seek to understand your desires and dreams for your home, and then we work to make that a reality. We take the extra time before the building process begins to find out precisely what your expectations and goals are and manage our building process to exceed those expectations. We fully believe that the QUALITY of our homes is more important than the number, or quantity, of homes we build. We know that a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and it should be everything you desire and more.

At MHG, we invite our customers to take an active part in the home design process. Depending on the stage of your home at the time of contract, you will have the opportunity to work with our partners’ design centers and our design consultants, to choose options and features for your home – resulting in a personalized house that you can truly call home.

Our subcontractors have two principal talents: First, an ability to deliver work that meets our exacting standards; second, an ability to deliver value. Our ability to deliver quality, value, and creativity defines every home built by MHG.